Social Networking

Does anyone have information on Government and Social Networking (how they plan to use it to get information out there, particularly for taxpayers)?

Charles Ray to be interviewed on Until You Walk the Path You Won’t Know Where it Goes

The Internet talk radio show Until You Walk the Path You Won’t Know Where it Goes will interview Charles Ray about leadership, politics, and life in general, as well as his two recently published books on June 14 at 5 pm eastern time. To read the complete release, go to The broadcast can be… Read more »

Presentation on Flash Mentoring at ASTD 2009 Conference

This past week, I presented on the topic of flash mentoring at the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) 2009 International Conference and Exposition here in Washington, DC. Below are the slides of the presentation. Thanks again to 13L’s Flash Mentoring Project Team: Kitty Wooley, Mike O’Leary, Chris Osborne, Patricia Armstrong, and Don Jacobson… Read more »

Career Advice: Why Initiative Beats Inertia

Originally posted by Lily Whiteman on Even if you have the best boss in the world, you will never be more than your boss’s second most important priority. Indeed, no matter how kind and caring your boss is, how much camaraderie you share with your colleagues and how loving your family is, you’re the… Read more »

Important issues for all Federal Employees within the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

Far too often Federal Employees are cut out of the loop when legislation is debated because of hidden addendums within existing bills. The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act is one example of unseen issues that are important to all Federal Employees. It is absolutely vital that the Senate retain the federal employee provisions… Read more »

“A Federal Family Portrait” and “Reaching Generation C”

This past week, I delivered a couple presentations at the 2009 American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) International Conference and Exposition. Below are the slide decks. After you’ve had a chance to peruse them, I’d be interested in getting your feedback on a couple key question that arose in all of my sessions: 1…. Read more »

Webinar: Measurement Needs for Advanced Biofuels 6/9/09

Measurement and Standards Needs for Biofuels: A Preliminary Assessment Date: Tuesday, June 9, 2009 Time: 1:00 PM (ET) Cost: Free Register Here The USMS Office will hold a webinar on June 9, 2009 as part of an ongoing effort to help ensure that measurement technologies keep pace with and support important technological innovations in the… Read more »