How to Be a Pivot-Ready Organization

Agencies can’t always anticipate future mission and IT requirements…but that doesn’t mean they can’t be better prepared for the unknown. Based in the cloud, as-a-service offerings help agencies pivot away from outdated IT and toward more modern, efficient and tailored technology. Download this guide to get: An overall picture of “as-a-service” products. Strategies for cloud-basedRead… Read more »

Why the Cloud Matters to You: A Reality Check

The cloud market began emerging in the early 2000s – many agencies are still in the early stages of embracing it. But the future is taking shape. We are beginning to see the ways in which cloud can have a material impact on agency operations. That’s the focus of this guide.

DevOps in Government: A GovLoop E-book

The phrase DevOps is simply a condensed version of the terms “development” and “operations,” but what it actually means is not as simple. That’s because it’s an IT services management approach, and is related more to a cultural shift and organizational environment than technology. So instead of being a specific toolset, analysis or process, it’sRead… Read more »

Your Guide to Cloud Security in Government Today: Making the Most of FedRAMP

More than 150 agencies are using FedRAMP-authorized cloud services. Through FedRAMP and its more than 120 authorized products, agencies are able to leverage existing authorizations and work off of a common set of security standards, which allows them to consider more options when migrating to the cloud. This process not only improves access to innovativeRead… Read more »

Managing Multiple Cloud Implementations: Breaking Down What You Need to Know

With any change in administration comes new priorities and initiatives. Sometimes those initiatives are a complete overhaul of what took place under the previous administration. Other times the focus is on enhancing the work that’s already in place. For the federal government, investments in cloud computing fall into the latter category. In May 2017, PresidentRead… Read more »

Mapping Government’s Journey to the Cloud: 8 Success Stories

For agencies that have embraced cloud computing, the ability to buy access to software and hardware as a service has and continues to transform the way government operates. But as the U.S. General Services Administration has noted, “the customer journey down the path [to cloud] can be fraught with lack of information, and there are aRead… Read more »

5 of the Latest Cloud Computing Trends

In the information technology world, few buzzwords are more mystical than “cloud computing.” Sure, we use the cloud to access email and work files, and to do online shopping, but most people don’t consider the details of what’s happening behind the scenes to give us anytime, anywhere access to data and services. We simply expectRead… Read more »

Forecasting the Cloud: Eight Ways the Technology is Changing Government

Today, everybody from government information technology officials to the president are talking about cloud computing, a technology that is revolutionizing the way federal, state and local governments operate. Whether they use public clouds, private clouds or a hybrid of the two, govies agree on one thing: Cloud is the way of the future. But that’sRead… Read more »

Your Guide to Using Everything-as-a-Service

Most government agencies have already invested in cloud solutions to strengthen their IT infrastructure and better serve their mission. But are they getting the most out of these new platforms, software, and servers? Unfortunately, the answer is probably not. While cloud is saving costs in some places, these solutions are also adding complexity to governmentRead… Read more »

How Cloud Computing is Powering the Agency of the Future

Today engineering feats the Romans could only dream of result in new types of highways – digital ones. You can now transport information, computing power, tools and services quickly and efficiently, radi­cally changing the way your agency does business. Powering this digital highway is the cloud, and it is reimagining the way your organization operates.