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I Am Woman! Hear Me…?

The thought behind this trend is that if women could only speak more like men, we would increase our odds of achieving success in male-dominated environments. But not everyone agrees – an interesting counter argument has risen that begs the question: should women talk more like men at work, or should men talk more like… Read more »

The Times, They are a Changing

Constantly changing just for the sake of change doesn’t make sense. If something works well then there is no need to change, is there? So, how do you determine the difference between what works well and what needs to change? In business, understanding change can be the difference between survival and extinction.

Why Being Uncomfortable is Necessary for Progress

Statistics are safe, objective. A useful part of our work culture, statistics help us navigate around white fragility. We acquire them, require them, and reinforce privilege of not being the subjects most impacted. We have a hard time imagining where to begin unraveling these statistics with people who are not immersed in these reports, unlike… Read more »

Change in Government Takes Time – But It Can Happen. Here’s How.

If you’re a millennial or a young gen-xer working for the government, it can be frustrating to see how fast technology is moving in the private sector and in your personal lives, compared to the rate of technology adoption (or lack thereof) in a government job. From antiquated procurement practices and internal workflows to uncertainty… Read more »

The FSIS Escalade Leadership Development Program

“Do more than is required.  What is the distance between someone who achieves their goals consistently and those who spend their lives and careers merely following?  The extra mile.”–Gary Ryan Blair If you get the opportunity, PLEASE apply for this program.  I had the pleasure of being selected to attend the 2015 FSIS Escalade LeadershipRead… Read more »