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Pay Fairness is Persistent Problem for Feds

In case you missed it, President Obama’s FY 2016 Budget of the U.S. Government recommends a scant 1.3 percent pay raise for the federal workforce next fiscal year. Well, as the old saying goes, something is better than nothing. However, when it comes to issues of fair pay, it appears that many feds are onceRead… Read more »

The Washington Nationals and Talent Management Success

There’s a lot of excitement this fall in Washington, DC. This time of year, it’s usually football that has everyone around here talking, but this year, baseball and the Washington Nationals are all the buzz, as the playoffs begin and the Nationals strive to reach the World Series. What’s that have to do with talentRead… Read more »

Government is Hiring! But Where?

While it may appear that the size of the federal workforce has shrunk to the size of a thumbtack, many agencies are still looking to hire bright candidates. But the changing economy has forced management to alter their hiring process in favor of a more strategic one. Hiring employees is no longer isolated as anRead… Read more »

Choosing an Applicant Tracking System to Insure OFCCP Compliance

Tips for choosing an applicant tracking system to promote OFCCP compliance OFCCP regulations are specifically for companies with federal contracts but it’s the responsibility of every US employer to avoid employment discrimination. In today’s connected world where applicants can easily apply to job openings with a few mouse clicks, using a spreadsheet to track complianceRead… Read more »

The Key to Government Communication: Keep it Simple

The IRS is a great case study of using social media for recruitment – and keeping a simple, yet effective message Story Highlights Government communications relies on a keeping a simple message Never assume simplicity lacks complexity IRS as a great case study for how to leverage social media for recruitment See related FCG postsRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: An Employee’s Story: Darryl Eaton

One of things we enjoy discussing on this blog are the success stories of our employees. Since October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, it’s perfect time to introduce you to Darryl Eaton. Darryl’s story is just one example of the great things that happen when we celebrate the abilities of all employees. For nearlyRead… Read more »

Technology Lessens the Burden of the Federal Retirement Tsunami

Originally posted on TechSource by Dan Klanderman We’ve seen it coming for years, and in fact, planned on this disruption to the federal workforce. Yet, the federal retirement tsunami is still causing a disturbance in federal agencies, as a large population of federal employees reach retirement age concurrently. Nearly 9,000 retirement claims were filed inRead… Read more »

Recruitment 411: What kind of Work you Want May Dictate Where you Live

Eric Erickson is giving Julie a break from blogging. He is Julie’s communication colleague from Atlanta, one of the best cities to find a job in the federal government. They say everything is bigger in Texas – and that includes the job market. Earlier this year, Forbes released its list of the best cities forRead… Read more »