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How Do We Get There: Is Your Organization’s Strategy Working for You?

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, organizations are often forced to remain competitive by adapting a culture of rapid change (I’ll offer up ideas on how to successfully accomplish that in a future publication). However, updating and communicating the organizations’ strategy to reflect these changes frequently doesn’t occur. A solid strategy is the cement andRead… Read more »

Change & Transition – No They Are Not The Same Thing.

Change is never easy. Change is a bumpy process. But why is change so hard? Change is hard because it is an emotional experience for most. An emotional experience, particularly an experience one often has little choice in being part of, creates resistance. Resistance is a natural emotion, though an emotion that can make changeRead… Read more »

9/11 and The Global War on Terror: A Junior Officer’s Perspective

The strangest thing about coming for home for Thanksgiving break after 9/11 was seeing an American flag flying outside every house. People were walking up to me and thanking me for my service, which I found unsettling. The tiny suburb, just north of New York City, lost dozens of people in the attack on theRead… Read more »

The Business of IT – Facing Down the Budget Crisis

The Federal budget crisis is clearly affecting business as usual for all Federal agencies. Federal CIOs are dealing with the leading elements of the budget crisis – short-term funding and more active cross-government oversight of IT spending and projects. Federal CIOs are also in the vanguard of those addressing the Obama administration’s IT reform initiative,Read… Read more »

The Key Role of Front Line Managers

Bob Stone, the head of Vice President Gore’s reinventing government initiative, focused his attention on what was going on at the front line. He said helping them understand and get their jobs done was the most important activity of a leader. That insight led to the creation of both Hammer Awards and Reinvention Labs asRead… Read more »

Is Money the Right Metric For Government?

Listening to the media discuss our debt can be exhausting. Every day we are bombarded with huge dollar figures to be dealt with: $14.3 trillion in debt, $38 billion cut this year, $4 trillion proposed cut for 2012. Is that really the discussion that we should be focusing on? Is the 50,000 foot discussion whereRead… Read more »

Simple Sabotage – We Wrote the Book

17 January 1944, the Office of Strategic Services in Washington D.C. published a book titled “Simple Sabotage Field Manual.” You can find this book for Kindle on for about $5, or you can download a free version by clicking this link to Warning text on page 1 states: “The contents of this ManualRead… Read more »

Rip Van Winkel Awakens: Does He Look Like Nicholas Cage?

After a 15-year slumber, the Administrative Conference of the U.S. has returned. It held its first meeting last week since it was reconstituted earlier this year. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia swore in the 100 new members of the Conference, noting “your job is to improve the administrative process throughout the government.” We were hereRead… Read more »

Do you need a big fancy title to transform Government IT?

The idea that change can be initiated at every level of an organization is the cornerstone of our corporate and government philosophy. We agree and herald the idea that in our organization, noone’s voice is too small, no title is too low, no person is too insignificant, and that change and transformation can start anywhereRead… Read more »