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Thanks for Participating — Here’s Twitter Made Easy for Contracts

In the last month I asked question in four discussions in the last month: Twitter – for each contract or all contracts? Tweets for the Public Record — how do you do it? List Your Acquisition Twitter Profile — strength in numbers Twitter Tools for Contracts – What are your favorites? Thank you to thoseRead… Read more »

10 Steps to Finding and Choosing the Federal Contracting Opportunities that Are Perfect for Your Company

The famous saying goes: “True love is like a pair of socks: you gotta have two and they’ve gotta match.” For you to succeed in winning government contracts, and find customers with whom you will stay for a long, long time – like in a marriage of sorts – you have to carefully match yourRead… Read more »

DAU has Browseable, *Non*-Credit Courses and Modules

Wow. It’s been a journey. Missteps and corrections are everywhere. It’s been a minefield. Finally though, it’s been clarified… DAU has browseable, *non*-credit material for future acquisition professionals. This is the material that future acquisition professionals need. While you don’t get credit unless you’re an Acquisition, Technology & Logistics (AT&L) Workforce Member, the material isRead… Read more »

Project of the Week – Young Acquisition Professionals New Mentoring Program

We all have one or more people we can point to over our lives who have made an impression on us or provided help, guidance or support in some way. How would things be different for you if you didn’t have this support or the opportunities that resulted? I for one am grateful for theRead… Read more »

Dilemma for New Members – Identifying Group(s) to Join – Acquisition, Procurement, Contracts – Federal, State, or Local

Key Words: Acquisition, Procurement, Purchasing, Contracts, Contracting, Supply, Supply-chain, Supply Chain Management, Materials Management, Construction, A/E/C, Public Works, A & E Design, Tendering,Sourcing, Strategic Sourcing and all of the former in 2.0 It’s not rocket science. If “a rose is a rose is a rose”, then acquisition is acquisition is acquisition, right? If you workRead… Read more »

Commentary from the Wiki Phase of the BetterBuyProject (Chris Hamm)

Originally published by Chris Hamm on the BetterBuyProject Blog. GSA FEDSIM has two BetterBuy pilots underway: and ClearPath. The experience so far has been interesting. On my end, there was a tremendous amount of uncertainty leading up to the launch. Will the wiki work? Will people know how to use it? Can the serverRead… Read more »

GBE101: strategies for business development under the social network umbrella

by Donna L. Quesinberry Government Business Examiner In the technological hour of 2010 there are so many inroads to business development that just don’t employ legacy plans of action. We now enjoy Pod-casting, Wikis and Wikipedia, Social Networks (SNS), Videographies, Webinars, SlideShares, YouTube videos, TelePresence, inVirtual communications, etc. Add to this laundry list of newRead… Read more »