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Collaborating in a Hierarchical World

What are the key issues facing collaboration-minded managers in government? Two thoughtful academics identify what they think are the Top Ten and offer some advice on areas for future research. Drs. Rosemary O’Leary and Nidhi Vij presented a paper at the recent annual conference of the American Society for Public Administration, “Collaborative Public Management: WhereRead… Read more »

Open Government: ICT for Citizen Engagement

Engaging with citizens is often referred to as a mechanism to foster accountability, ultimately improving the quality of policies and public services. However, when it comes to citizen participation, giving citizens a voice is only one part of the equation. Often overlooked is the process of institutional change that must pave the way and whichRead… Read more »

Is Your Agency Ready for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Compliance? Meet Your December 6th Deadline

On November 4, 2010, U.S. President Barack Obama signed a new Executive Order to establish a uniform policy for the government treatment of “Controlled Unclassified Information” (CUI). This framework standardizes practices around the sharing of Controlled Unclassified Information, with the goal of improving the sharing of information within the executive departments of the U.S. FederalRead… Read more »

Measuring Performance in Networks

Two of the stumbling blocks to expanding the use of collaborative networks in government are: how do you figure out what works? And, how do you create accountability? The IBM Center has sponsored a series of reports in different policy arenas over the past decade that look at the creation and use of collaborative networksRead… Read more »

Social media governance resources

I have just posted a new blog post on social media governance resources on the AIIM Communities blog: It features a number of resources specific to government as well as links to policy and governance databases including the Web 2 0 Governance Policies and Best Practices wiki list maintained by the Social Media SubcouncilRead… Read more »

Web phrenology and the Digital Deca

I just read a very insightful ebook that is a funny yet poignant pictorial narrative about “how negative and positive organizational dynamics manifest on the Web.” It is called “The Digital Deca: 10 Management Truths for the Web Age” by Lisa Welchman of Welchman Pierpoint web governance consulting, and was evidently cited on April 27,Read… Read more »

Online, Interactive Digital Engagement Governance – a.k.a. Approaching Social Media Governance as a Method

This will be the first in an ongoing set of entries about Interactive Digital Engagement Governance. Contact me or Navigation Arts in McLean, VA for more information, or for ideas regarding planning and implementing such a methodology at your organization. The concept of governance isn’t new at all to organizations building websites, whether inside (asRead… Read more »

Couch Potato Democracy?*

I was thinking about the remarkable power of citizens and their determination to peacefully overthrow the governments in Egypt and Tunisia. Their hope now is to replace decades old regimes with a democratic form of government whose leaders are selected and elected by the people. The model nation they are using? The United States ofRead… Read more »

Blogging Series 10 Ways Open Innovation Can Transform Your Agency (Week 3)

Blogging Series 10 Ways Open Innovation Can Transform Your Agency (Week 3) Sorry for the brief delay in the blogging series. I’ve been managing the launch of an internal open innovation portal for New York City. More information on this project is available at: Now time for Week 3! Open innovation can transform yourRead… Read more »