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Can Rapper Nas and Dr. King teach us to be more civil?

In a recent discussion about civics and civil society, one of my colleagues referenced a line by Rap artist, Nasir Jones, a/k/a Nas from his song, “Hate Me Now” that states: People “fear what they don’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer.” On this day of national recognition for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., hisRead… Read more »

Are we there yet? Gov 2.0 is still… 2.0

Note: This is an edited version from my blog Just think. The iPhone is getting ready to release its fourth generation. Microsoft has launched its third Windows OS in five years, and we’re into a third tech-savvy US President, but Gov 2.0 is still Gov 2.0. Having spent many years in this field calledRead… Read more »

Digital World Village

Vision of Digital World Village By – Srinidhi Boray (Ingine Inc) By syndication of both content acquisition and in delivery, Federal information can be disseminated to broad array of devices, from broad array of sources. eLearning & eEducation eManagement Federal funded Visual Digital Themes Invigorate ecosystem by intuitive themes Invigorate tourism (tourist attraction & museum)Read… Read more »

A Billion Brains are Better Than One

Article from following link T-DRIVEN INNOVATION A Billion Brains are Better Than One Interview with Thomas W. Malone March 18, 2010 MIT Sloan’s Thomas W. Malone, author of The Future of Work, on how the smartest companies will use emerging technology to tap the power of collective intelligence PDF BUY ARTICLE & PERMISSIONS “MostRead… Read more »

The act of participating, not the process of managing participation

I was reading an interesting post earlier today ( A Better Way to Manage Knowledge – John Hagel III and John Seely Brown – Harvard Business Review) and it triggered a number of thoughts in my head. Perhaps the act of participating is far more important to get right then the process of managing thatRead… Read more »

AGA Research Study On Governance, Risk and Compliance

AGA Research Study On Governance, Risk and Compliance— AGA is conducting a study on Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) searching for real world application. The survey should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. Here is the link to the survey – Thank you!

How-To: Make a Contribution and Gain Influence in Public Administration

Hi. Now that I have your attention, there are many ways to do this but I’m only going to talk about one. I think of it as, “Doing the Work.” Making a Contribution There are many ways to add value in public administration, whether you work in government or academe, a nonprofit or a corporation.Read… Read more »

In the Navy: Another Accountability Model in the Age of Golden Parachutes

As commanding officer of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, Captain David Dykhoff had one of the most prestigious jobs in the Navy. But despite his superlative record, it only took one incident to end his career. When one sailor aboard his ship lit a cigarette in an unauthorized area and caused a fire, Captain DykhoffRead… Read more »