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NAGC Communications School Preview: Astronaut Mike Foreman, Carmageddon, Media Relations, Social Media, etc.

The upcoming NAGC Communications School will be my fifth in a row to attend and I am looking forward to the 2012 offering with great anticipation. This year’s theme, “Government Communicators-Telling America’s Story”, exemplifies the responsibility and challenge we face each day. As government communicators we must spread the word about the programs and servicesRead… Read more »

OpenGov @NASA – FICM – Nov 10 – 2 pm EST

Please join us for the full Federal Intranet Content Managers (FICM) GoToMeeting on Nov 10 at 11 am PST. Dave Hebert will be the MC and Allison Soussi-Tanani will be our coordinator. Two of our FICM Steering Committee members will kick off the meeting with talks on “personas”. Our highlighted speaker this month is NickRead… Read more »

Is Your Office Getting a Bit…Cozier?

Office space isn’t what it used to be – many offices and most government agencies are tearing down the walls – literally – and placing workers in increasingly small, and less private, cube space. Is this the trend in your office? Do smaller offices make it easier to collaborate, or just make you more annoyedRead… Read more »

FOSE 2011, plus ECM’s Benefits To Your Agency

Last week as I walked the exhibition hall at FOSE 2011, I was amazed at how much innovation is aimed at making our United States Government (the greatest in the world) even better. I had some great conversations with government employees, consultants, and vendors who are trying hard to make agencies more efficient, more effective-inRead… Read more »

Debt Ceiling Strategy: Use ECM to Trim Your Agency

Agencies that implement an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system are typically losers-but in a good way! The whole reason to implement an ECM system is to lose the waste while gaining efficiency. Below are five things you can kiss goodbye when your ECM system comes online: Wasting Time: How much time does your current processRead… Read more »


I recently came across an article in The Space Review, June 4, 2007, (head, title, date and author: [quote] ‘Take off and nuke the site from orbit (it’s the only way to be sure…)’ [unquote], by Dwayne A. Day’ at: was an important find for me. Sputnik had generated “SLOMAR” (Space Logistics, Operations, Maintenance andRead… Read more »

What’s the Deal with ‘Tightsizing’?

The Federal Times posted an article online yesterday about the emerging trend of ‘tightsizing’ in the federal government. Agencies are looking to reduce the office space of employees to accommodate more feds. The idea is that by fitting more workers into an already existing work space it prevents an agency form leasing additional real estateRead… Read more »

NASA’s Beck: A Rock Star Promoting the Mission

 Beth Beck, Space Operations Outreach Manager at NASA, has created a national community of rocketry and exploration enthusiasts. And she’s helped a generation unfamiliar with the thrills of NASA’s Mercury and Apollo eras understand that the space agency is more than budget battles and tragically lost Space Shuttles. How has Beck boosted outer spaceRead… Read more »