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FAA Web 2.0 Strategy

Last week I released the final draft for internal agency management review through an extranet based wiki. Soon I intend to open it to other agencies and private industry comments to comply with the administration’s directive on transparent and collaborative government. I would like this to be a collaborative effort. No anonymous comments are allowed.Read… Read more »

Are you engaging bloggers in your media mix?

Republished from eGov AU. No-one really knows how many blogs are operated by Australians. However it could be up to 4 million, if you refer to Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere report 2008, which reported that 3% of global bloggers were Australian and over 133 million blogs had been created since 2002. Likewise Forrester’s GroundswellRead… Read more »

Shifting from Gov 1.0 to Gov 2.0

Republished from eGov AU. Sometimes it is difficult for those of us who are new to the public sector to really appreciate the scope of the changes required to transition government institutions and cultures from a 1.0 to 2.0 mentality. It’s not simply a process of mandating a directional change from political levels (though thisRead… Read more »

Stimulus Is No Place For Pork!

* $2.5 million for sliced ham in California * $800,000 for a new, clean-air garbage truck in Phoenix * $1.4 million to repair the door of a building in San Antonio * $350,000 to replace and upgrade a dumbwaiter in Brooklyn These are examples of projects that have been reported on as stimulus projects.Read… Read more »

Citizen 2.0 – how would a government department address this marketing nightmare?

Republished from eGov AU. Over the last week US media has been buzzing with the story of Canadian musician Dave Carroll, whose US$3,500 Taylor guitar was broken on a flight on United Airlines. Carroll reported that people on the plane had watched with horror as United baggage handlers had roughly handled and thrown his andRead… Read more »

Social media now more popular than personal email – Neilsen

Republished from eGov AU. In their Global Faces and Networked Places report (PDF), Neilsen has found that social networks and blogs (Member Communities) are now the 4th most popular online category – ahead of personal email. In December 2008 Neilsen found that 59% of online Australians used social networks and blogs, compared to 80% inRead… Read more »

Drawing on experience within your Department for online initiatives

Republished from eGovAU. It is common practice for government Departments to go to consultants when they need specific skills or experience. The strategy is often to draw on this expertise to get started, transfer as much knowledge as possible to staff and move forward. However sometimes it can be more cost-effective to draw on theRead… Read more »

Build it or they will come

Republished from eGovAU. In 2007 a combined SMS and online electoral monitoring system went into action in Nigeria to report electoral fraud. Based on increasing mobile use (as fixed infrastructure is very limited in the country), mobile phones were able to provide voters with a voice when ballots were not conducted fairly. Similar systems areRead… Read more »

Social media strategy in a nutshell: Mission! Tool! Metrics! Teach!

For a few months now, I’ve been repeating this mantra about how to approach social media projects: mission, tool, metrics, teach. It was even one of the options for the day 1 camp song at Gov’t 2.0 Camp. It came to me while walking home from the Metro one day. I was trying to comeRead… Read more »

How Australian journalists are using Twitter

Republished from eGovAU. If you’ve been attempting to advocate the use of Twitter for your Department or Agency, as I know a couple of people have been attempting to do, this article by MediaShift on How Journalists Are Using Twitter in Australia provides some large calibre ammunition. So does this Internal Comms Hub report discussingRead… Read more »