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How Understanding Behavior Can Improve Program Performance

How an issue is framed can strongly influence how a person responds. This insight has led to whole new fields of economics and social science called “behavioral economics” or “behavioral interventions.” Government managers, however, can use these new approaches to dramatically improve the performance of their programs, if done right. I attended a forum aRead… Read more »

Creating Culture Change That Sticks

How does a leader change the culture of an organization that is resistant to change? Start by working with the existing culture, says business writers in a recent Harvard Business Review article. In this way, the culture can be an accelerator of change, not an impediment. Business writers Jon Katzenbach, Ilona Steffen, and Caroline KronleyRead… Read more »

Are You a 21st Century Leader?

The Occupy movement is raising questions about leaders in business and politics. Motivated by corporate excess and government blundering of our nation’s economic system “occupiers” are expressing frustration and anger by taking to the streets. With a fuzzy message fueled by personal economic challenges and years of feeling powerless against “the big guys,” the unfortunateRead… Read more »

What Can Warren Buffett Teach Us About User Adoption?

This article was originally published on the Tri Tuns Blog. IN THE NEWS In a recent interview on CNBC Warren Buffett said that he could end the federal deficit in five minutes. “I could end the deficit in five minutes. You just pass a law that says that any time there’s a deficit of moreRead… Read more »

What Private Lives Tell Us About Public Leaders

If we want to understand the values of a society, it can often be found in the media coverage and public reaction to revelations about the private lives of public leaders. While the wall-to-wall coverage of former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fathering a child with a household employee has been inextricably linked to the now-formerRead… Read more »

What personal characteristics help performance in the civil service (vs. the private sector)?

Can you think of behaviors or traits that might make you say, “Hey this person would make a great civil servant!” Or conversely, would cause you to say “Hey, this person needs to start their own business, they really might not fit in with the government?” I am giving a speech to the JSSA EmploymentRead… Read more »

Return on Relationships

This article was originally published on the Tri Tuns Blog. OBSERVATIONIt is a common trap on many IT projects that team members are so focused on ensuring project “success” (typically defined as on-time and on-budget delivery) that team members forget the critical importance of developing and maintaining effective relationships. Ironically, forgoing the relationship building elementsRead… Read more »

HR=Humans Represent: Mind, Body, and Soul

So far you’ve done everything right in your job search. You’ve been pretty busy and working hard at it trying out a few of my suggestions : · Tidying up loose ends (professional email address, using latest technology-basically doing your homework) · Social Networking to reach out to others · Remembering to include offline opportunitiesRead… Read more »

Resistance is a Judgment, Not an Action

This article was originally published on the Tri Tuns Blog.OBSERVATION When talking about user adoption of major IT systems – CRM, ERP, HRIS, etc – at some point the discussion always focuses on overcoming “user resistance”. When I probe deeper and ask clients to define exactly what they mean by “user resistance” (what form itRead… Read more »