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Top Webinar Tips – How to Manage Citizen Feedback and Reduce Overhead

We hosted a successful webinar yesterday, How to Manage Citizen Feedback and Reduce Overhead. Nearly 60 governments attended to hear Citywide Records Manager, Wendy Klock-Johnson from the City of Sacramento, discuss how the city successfully streamlined citizen participation with a new tool called eComment and why social media didn’t work! Wendy posted a blog articleRead… Read more »

Congress Hits “Refresh” Button on Results Act

The House passed a bill in June to revamp the 1993 Government Performance and Results Act. In late September, the Senate took steps to update it as well. Since these bills support the Administration’s efforts, there is a good likelihood that a GPRA refresh will pass. Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) summarized the need for aRead… Read more »

Usability Tutorial: what is web usability and how do you measure it?

Cross-posted from: Originally created for Girl Geek Dinner in Ottawa, you can use this tutorial to start a discussion about how you can integrate usability principles into your website planning at your department or organization. Alternatively, re-use the prezi to create your own presentation. If you do, I’d love to know about it. TheRead… Read more »

Developing Client-centric Government Sites: A video tutorial

This is a video tutorial I created to help share the web performance measurement strategy shown in my previous blog post. It’s called Developing Client-centric Government Sites. If you don’t see anything above, maybe you can check it out on vimeo : Modified from original posted:

Looking for social media measurement tips

The government of Canada has recently put together a group to come up with techniques and best practices to measure social media in the public sector. We’d like to see what other governments are doing to measure their use of social media–whether it’s quantitative or qualitative and what kind of performance measurement frameworks are beingRead… Read more »

Does performance measurement only work on paper?

Data doesn’t make decisions; people do. Data can inform decisions. I say this in response to the person who told me this week that performance measurement, like accountability, “only works on paper”. Well, if your performance measurement strategy only works on paper, than it isn’t working at all. Here are a number of factors aboutRead… Read more »

Contract Administration – Duties of the CO

Currently I am working on a project to complete an assessment on how well our Procurement Organization is doing in the area of Contract Administration. A simultaneous project is exploring the duties of the COTR. I would love to hear folks best practices and ideas of measuring the effectiveness of Contract Administration by the COs.

How Successful are Your Gov 2.0 Initiative(s)?

There are certainly more and more Government Agencies jumping on the band wagon to follow President Obama’s directive for them to become more collaborative, open, transparent and participatory. But the real question is – what measures are being taken to evaluate the success or failure of all these efforts? I’m writing an article for eContentRead… Read more »

Measuring Success by Your Reflection

Most discussions I’ve been part of about measurements usually involve identifying a desired outcome and looking for a numeric representation of that outcome. This makes perfect sense and there’s loads of research and supporting evidence that having metrics and measurements are an important part of most outcome-based projects. Over the years, however, I’ve come toRead… Read more »

Measuring Relationships From Social Media

I had an opportunity to meet Katie D Paine on July 22nd at an Open Government and Innovation conference in DC. Katie specializes in public relations and measuring their effectiveness. Her commanding presence underscored her depth of knowledge, and her open and friendly demeanor in a one-on-one situation proved to me that she practices whatRead… Read more »