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Federal Decision Makers Still Reading the Printed Word and Attending Trade Shows

Today, more than 200 executives from the DC area convened at the fourth annual Federal Media and Marketing Study (FMMS) breakfast hosted by Market Connections to learn how to effectively reach government decision makers when selling to the federal market. Knowing how to target those leaders who, ultimately, make the buying decisions can be highlyRead… Read more »

Find Out if You’re Reaching Federal Execs in All the Right Places

Knowing where and how to reach senior decision-makers at civilian and defense agencies is a vital component to every marketing effort aimed at the federal government. Market Connections and Sara Leiman, VP Media Director at TMP Government, are excited to announce the release of this year’s Federal Media and Marketing Study. The 4th installment ofRead… Read more »

4th Annual Federal Media & Marketing Study to Help Marketers Refine Strategies for Selling to the Government

In today’s government contracting environment, companies and organizations selling products and services to the federal government need to keep every arrow in their marketing quivers as sharp as possible. One of the core components of marketing success in this new contracting environment is knowing where and how to reach senior decision-makers at civilian and defenseRead… Read more »

Space Shuttle Risk Management Case Study

We are moving some of our risk management training products into the public domain to share with other agencies and academia. Check out the Space Shuttle Super Light Weight Tank Risk Management Case Study at this link: David M. Lengyel Risk & Knowledge Management Officer Exploration Systems Mission Directorate NASA

Working Beyond Borders | The 2010 Global Chief Human Resource Officer Study

As many leaders in the government industry know, we live in an increasingly borderless world. Greater access to technology has removed many barriers to connecting people and resources. In order to understand how to effectively operate in this new, complex environment, IBM conducted a Global CHRO Study with nearly 600 face-to-face interviews with HR executivesRead… Read more »

New Study Demonstrates Social Media’s Predictive Power for Gov’t

OhMyGov Inc. just announced the release of a new study which shows that Congressional Republicans are gaining public support on social media at significantly higher rates than their Democratic counterparts. The study, which ran from May through August this year, examined the percent rate by which members of Congress were acquiring new Facebook fans inRead… Read more »

Do You Have What it Takes to Change Government and Create Gov 2.0?

As I’ve said many times before, Government 2.0 isn’t about technology, but what that technology enables. When the TSA rolls out an initiative like the IdeaFactory, developing and implementing the technology is the easy part (disclosure: my company has supported the IdeaFactory project). When the GSA implements the Better Buy Project, getting UserVoice up andRead… Read more »

100 social examples in local gov

I’m lucky to have a job where I get to celebrate the success of others in local government, I work for Local Government Improvement and Development (formerly the IDeA). But that means that I’m often called on for examples of successful implementation of whatever it is I’m working on now. (performance management, partnerships, customer insightRead… Read more »

Twitter’s First Government Case Study

The USGS has become Twitter’s first-ever Government case study on their Twitter 101 for Business page. The account highlighted is the @USGSted account (Twitter Earthquake Detector). The snippet from the site: One of the U.S. Geological Survey’s unique responsibilities is the monitoring and reporting of earthquakes, which affect the daily lives of people around theRead… Read more »