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The Big Elephant in the Sharepoint room

After all the “SharePoint Saturday The Conference” excitement has died down. I looked at both the agenda and attendance and came to the obvious conclusion. We’re still more enthralled with technology than content. I will not say that is necessarily a bad thing, however, for a technology that professes to help manage content as aRead… Read more »

My SharePoint Saturday The Conference D.C. sessions

Putting final touches on presenations for Sharepoint Saturday the Conference D.C. I’m doing a mini presentation marathon for SPS Community [ ] and Satory Global []. Implementing Service Management (ITIL) using SharePoint – A overview of a prototype and pilot for using SharePoint as a ITIL platform Governance 101 – Lessons learnedRead… Read more »

Gov Sessions You Can’t Miss @ SharePoint Saturday The Conf in DC on Aug 11-13, 2011

One more week and it’s SharePoint Saturday The Conference in DC (SPSTCDC)! If you haven’t heard, SPSTCDC is a 3-day, community-driven, educational event filled with over 280 sessions from over 190 speakers that are world renowned SharePoint experts and executives covering a wide range of technical and business SharePoint topics. In case you’re not familiarRead… Read more »

Using SharePoint to enable ITIL: Consequences of unmanaged services

Since technology appears simple to operation the assumption is that it’s simple to build and manage. What isn’t seen by end-users today is all the complexity behind a product or service. The consequences of operationally mature, technically naïve stakeholders and end-users are having to justify investments in information technology. While it’s not unreasonable to askRead… Read more »

FOSE 2011, plus ECM’s Benefits To Your Agency

Last week as I walked the exhibition hall at FOSE 2011, I was amazed at how much innovation is aimed at making our United States Government (the greatest in the world) even better. I had some great conversations with government employees, consultants, and vendors who are trying hard to make agencies more efficient, more effective-inRead… Read more »

SharePoint: an open source community, sharing more for the local area at SharePoint Saturday the Conference Aug 11-13

I’ve made a bold statement “open source community” so let me digress for a second before giving you the juicy details of Community day at DC’S SharePoint Saturday the Conference (SPSTCDC When I started my career I can vividly remember a joint user group or NT Server and Linux Administrators in New York City.Read… Read more »

Technology Adoption Vs. Information Management

One of the things I’ve realized over the years, popular technology adoption does not equate to business productivity. It may actually be the reverse; when a technology becomes all the rage and takes on fad-like status, it rapidly gets out of control resulting in all manner of side effects. SharePoint is one such example. BeingRead… Read more »

Debt Ceiling Strategy: Use ECM to Trim Your Agency

Agencies that implement an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system are typically losers-but in a good way! The whole reason to implement an ECM system is to lose the waste while gaining efficiency. Below are five things you can kiss goodbye when your ECM system comes online: Wasting Time: How much time does your current processRead… Read more »

[Update] Crowdsourcing Citizen Engagement: Tools for Information Architecture & “Wicked Problems”

UPDATE: For those who weren’t able to attend Paul Culmsee’s seminar, you can check out video and slides here. He starts with a great comparison of Government 2.0 in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand and even riffs off a 2010 GovLoop discussion by Bill Brantley and Andrew Krzmarzick. Enjoy! /// Wanted to shareRead… Read more »