8 Ways to Help Your Overworked Team

Especially in government, we constantly talk about doing more with less. But most often, those conversations focus on physical resources like office supplies, amenities, or space. And when we do think about the human element, it’s often in detached terms like ‘labor hours’ or ‘workforce supply’. However, if you manage an overburdened team, you are… Read more »

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Connected Government – Why it Matters & What You Can Do

Government leaders at all levels of government strive to deliver excellent, citizen-centric service to their constituents – on a budget. In addition to tight resources, they must continually adjust to rising citizen expectations. Nowadays, citizens want to interact with government just like they do with any other organization- on the go and most likely, on… Read more »

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DorobekINSIDER: Revolving door – Wall Street edition

Hey there. I’m Christopher Dorobek — the DorobekINSIDER — and welcome GovLoop’s DorobekINSIDER… where we focus on six words: Helping government do its job better. On GovLoop’s DorobekINSIDER: SAMMIES 2014 — lessons learned from the government’s best and brightest:  From Tom Fox from the Partnership for Public Service: Once you hear from the Sammies winners and the finalists,… Read more »

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3 Guiding Principles for Open Data in Government

I’m spending the day at Data Transparency 2014, an annual conference hosted by the Data Coalition that keeps the conversation on open data in government moving forward. This conversation is extremely multi-faceted. It’s barely 11am and we’ve already talked about budgeting, planning, IT, accessibility, security, and a slew of other topics that are related to… Read more »

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Look at the Innovations Coming From States

Government innovation is happening at all levels of government. During the 2014 National Association of Chief Information Officers annual conference, the winners of the Recognition Awards were unveiled. The 10 finalists were selected for their outstanding achievement in the field of information technology. Below are my favorite awards from last night. Take a look at the… Read more »

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DorobekINSIDER: Where change is happening in government

Have you ever attended a budget meeting hosted by your city council? You usually are shown PowerPoint presentations filled with pie charts detailing how funds are dispersed. And you have access to your city website’s complete budget breakdown, including the projected one for the next fiscal year. But it may seem as though local government… Read more »

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Technology’s Role in Powering Open Data Initiatives

Below is an excerpt from GovLoop’s latest guide, Capitalizing on the Open Data Revolution. You can access the full guide here. Recently, Audie Hittle, federal chief technology officer, Isilon Storage Division, EMC Corporation, sat down with GovLoop to discuss how data can transform the federal government. GovLoop: How do you see big data and open… Read more »