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Do vague requirements cause programs to fail?

Do vague program requirements cause projects to fail? That’s the question ESI International wanted to know. They surveyed project team members, including project managers and contracting officers, and found that 80 percent said their agencies lacked a formalized process for defining and managing program requirements. Bill Damare is the Vice President for Government Markets atRead… Read more »

Agencies Under Scrutiny to Provide Better Customer Service

Providing the highest level of customer service is paramount for any industry. For the federal government – whether it’s the I.R.S or the Department of Veterans Affairs – a diverse audience of citizens, military personnel and other government employees make the requirements of good customer service more complex than in other businesses. A new bipartisanRead… Read more »

Contractors Hold Onto Their Desks as Sequestration Looms

Monica Mayk Parham, Marketing Director, Market Connections, Inc. The Professional Services Council (PSC) recently hosted an event on the topic of sequestration and, for many, it was a sobering reminder that challenging times lay ahead – even if sequestration never comes to light. So what are contractors doing to prepare for these new budget realities?Read… Read more »


Congratulations Dept of the Interior, Office of the Secretary Internship Program. Pathways officially started July 12th, 2012. I believe that DOI is first federal agency to post a PATHWAYS Internship announcement on Open July 16 to July 23, 2012. Good work HR Specialist: [email protected] But check out below … this is only a 3Read… Read more »

When Government Agencies Receive High Klout Scores, Does it Really Mean They Have More Clout?

IBM Center for the Business of Government recently issued a report that provides some very interesting social media insights for federal agencies: which agencies have the highest Klout rankings. If you are not familiar with Klout, it essentially measures your overall social media influence. For example, when you create content or engage through social networks,Read… Read more »

Recovering from the Recovery Act: Part 4

While “austerity” is the buzz word in the federal government today, just three years ago the government had launched a massive recovery operation to stem the tide of what looked like a bottomless recession by spending $787 billion as fast as possible. How did career feds make it happen right? While there are debates asRead… Read more »

Using Evidence and Evaluation to Govern

OMB released new guidance supporting the use of evidence and evaluation in making budget trade-off decisions. The guidance reflects a high degree of sophistication on how to do this in a budget-constrained environment. The Office of Management and Budget issued new guidance to agencies encouraging them to use program evaluation and evidence-based decisions when developingRead… Read more »

The Nominees are in for the Oscars for Federal Employees — find out who made the cut

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for federal employees. First with the GSA conference scandal and then the Secret Service Prostitution scandal. But feds are doing some amazing work and the Partnership for Public Service is highlighting those achievements in their annual awards program. The 33rd Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal (SAMMIES)Read… Read more »

LAST CHANCE: Help make energy companies work better for government

You want to help your organization save energy, time and money. But companies from which you buy power and energy efficiency services don’t always understand your pain points or what’s important to you. If you’re ready to affect this dynamic, our company invites you to contribute to our research report. It’s easy and doesn’t takeRead… Read more »

Fraud of the Day

What would your agency do with $100 million dollars or even tens of thousands more? Agency funds are lost to fraud every day. The Fraud of the Day forum highlights real stories and what you need to know to help fight fraud. Visit the forum to learn more and sign up to receive dailyRead… Read more »